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Despite belt-tightening at most publishing companies, independently produced photobooks are more popular than ever. Cover photo courtesy Marc Feustel


In December 2009, Miki Johnson and I teamed up to produce The Future of Photobooks, a cross-blog conversation considering the question, What will photobooks become over the next ten years? Our aim was to pool collective wisdom from a variety of photographic disciplines, so we invited practitioners from across the globe to publish answers to that question on their respective blogs. Browse the project summary »

On Saturday, June 4, 2011, we traveled to the Flash Forward Festival Boston to participate in a panel discussion that explored the state of photobook production, consumption and distribution in the Internet Era. About the Event »

Online community contributions were an essential part of the original Future of Photobooks, so I wanted to share our discussion with those who weren't able to attend the event in person. In the spirit of public discourse, we streamed a live video feed and invited the online audience to post responses in a Facebook chat during the panel. Moderator Stephen Mayes and I monitored the online comments and integrated the big ideas into the conversation happening in Boston.


Simon Roberts' We English, The reader as collaborator, Presented by Miki Johnson, Hey Miki (00:13:31)

Lay Flat, On independent publishing, Presented by Shane Lavalette, Lay Flat (00:19:00)

Aaron Huey's Pine Ridge Project, What role does the photobook play?, Presented by Michael Itkoff, Daylight Media (00:31:25)

Candela Books, Small fine art photo publishing ventures, Presented by Alan Rapp, Alan Rapp Studio (00:41:10)

Preston is my Paris Publishing, On collective publishing, Presented by Bruno Ceschel, Self Publish, Be Happy (00:51:20)


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